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Welcome to Opponent!

We are the realm's largest meta guild located on Stormrage-US PVE realm. Our meta guild currently consists of the guilds Opponent, Opponent II, Opponent Three, and Dark Side of Opponent. Opponent and Opponent Three are Semi-Hardcore / Hardcore end game raiding guilds. Opponent II is a Casual / Semi-Hardcore raiding guild and supports casual, social, and leveling players. Dark Side of Opponent is our Horde guild and it supports both casual and semi hardcore raid teams.

We have multiple raid teams with various raid times and raid styles focusing on end game content raiding. Considering all our raid schedules are very light, we expect our raid team members to maintain 100% attendance, be at the instance 15 minutes before raid and have studied boss encounters.

We expect our members to be professional, get the job done, and be open to constructive criticism. We put skill, awareness and class understanding ahead of gear, however we do expect you to be gemmed / enchanted correctly. We are mainly made up of 25+ year old mature aged players who have been playing wow for a long time. We have a good mix of males and females in the guild. Our community of guilds require all members to be 18 and above due to the adult nature of our guild.
lets g 6.1!
Good job last weekend Lionhearted. 2 new heroics downed.
I am still looking for log review officers
grats get offended
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